Pentagon Elite Flexible Edge Retention Anchoring Profile

Pentagon Protection USA Attachment Systems

Safety film is a necessary element in protecting lives and property from the damage caused by glass breakage, which, if not anchored to the frame, remains a hazard.

Depending on the cause and force of glass breakage, non-anchored filmed glass will either fall out of the frame or fly to the interior of the premises. If the cause of breakage is due to a blast, the full sheet of glass will fly toward the interior thereby resulting in considerable damage. In the case of a smash and grab, a robber can push the whole piece of glass out of its frame with minimal force and gain access to the premises. Therefore, the use of anchoring systems is essential to establish complete glazing protection and full security.

In early 2009, Pentagon Protection USA introduced their Innovative Glass Security Seal GSS™ and Advanced Pentagon Elite™ all flexible anchoring systems. These profiles are made using single extrusion with 3M very high bond, heat applied black tape. These profiles are tested according to ASTM F1642 Standards and achieved GSA 2 and UFC “Minimal Hazard” levels.

Pentagon’s anchoring products are designed specifically to be highly effective in blast mitigation, storm protection and criminal intrusion prevention.

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Glass Security Seal (GSS)™

GSS is a highly efficient and cost effective solution to anchoring window film. It combines the benefits of an attachment system and window gasket in one profile.

This unique design adds substantial strength to the anchoring because of the single extrusion method in manufacturing. It makes the film installation faster and simpler by eliminating the need for film edge trimming in daylight applications.

Like all of Pentagon Protection USA’s anchoring products, GSS™ profile is ideal for glazing retrofit, new and dry lamination projects and laminated glass. After installation the finished product appears to be part of the window unit due to its decorative look and black tape; the gasket and the seal become neatly indistinguishable.

Advanced Pentagon Elite®

Pentagon’s Elite is made of highly engineered, weatherproof and UV stable material of medium hardness for use in demanding applications. It possesses exceptional tensile strength, superior compression, chemical resistance and high temperature performance.

These profiles have 3M VHB aggressive tape installed in the factory using heat application process to create strong physical bonding between the tape and the extruded profile. The profile was tested according to ASTM F1642 standards and achieved GSA 2 & UFC “low hazard” level.

Pentagon Z-LOK®

Smash and grab is a major problem for commercial facilities nationwide. Retail chains, jewelry stores and commercial entities including banks are susceptible to break-in and theft. Even when storefront glass is protected, doors are left un-protected because of the nature of their construction. Short of welding, there is nothing that can secure the snap rings which hold the glass to the frame.

Pentagon Protection USA launched  Z-LOK , the ultimate solution for smash and grab. This profile is especially designed to fit commercial doors. The All Flexible Z-LOK is manufactured from the same material and tape used in the GSS™ profile. It spans over the snap ring and attaches to the door frame, thereby preventing the ring from snapping out of its location upon impact. The profile is available in 40’ rolls.

Furthermore, smash and grab burglary is increasing and statistics show that more than 70% of these burglaries involve forced entry through the weakest links, glass doors and windows. Safety film alone will not provide the level of protection that is normally required. Pentagon Protection USA provides "Total Glass Protection“ with Pentagon Z-LOK and Pentagon Elite® Anchoring Systems.

Pentagon Protection’s Z-LOK installed with security film forms an almost invisible layer of protection strong enough to deny immediate access to the protected premises.